ePals is a social network for K-12 learning that lets you connect with classrooms around the world. It is a great opportunity for students to make a friend in a different country and exchange views and ideas about life, current events, and hot topics.
There are a host of organized projects to choose from such as:
  • Holidays and Festivals around the world
  • Global Warming
  • Digital Storytelling
  • The Way we Are
  • Habitats
  • Natural Disasters
  • Maps
  • Water
  • Weather
Through open exchange students will not only learn more about themselves, but they will be able to learn about other countries cultures and customs. Epals creates a "...safe and secure content-rich environment that challenges students and educators to research smartly, collaborate with other learners of all ages, think critically, problem-solve, and communicate."

As a future teacher I think ePals is a great way to promote global collaboration inside the elementary classroom. When students are able to build a connection to the material the learning becomes more meaningful. I believe that as a result of using ePals in my classroom students will be more aware about the challenges we face as a global community.