Discovering Your Inner Hero

In our themed literature unit students are taking the time to discover special qualities within themselves that make them a hero. Together we will be exploring two central questions, "What does it mean to discover your inner hero?" and "What does it take to discover your inner hero?" Students will define what it means to be a hero, what it looks like, and a time they or someone they know was a hero. Students will become independent thinkers who can identify their own strengths, examine characteristics of others, and appreciate collective heroic qualities that help u succeed in tough situations. During the unit we will be exploring reading strategies such as making text-to-self connections, comparing and contrasting similarities and differences, and identifying problem and solution within a text. We will complete our learning through read aloud activities, class discussions, shared writing, songs, and art activities. My hope is that students will come to realize that heroes are real people who make brave choices in difficult situations, take risks and beat the odds, and stand up for what is right even when it is hard to do.
The message is that...Everyone can be a hero!
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