Welcome to Ms. Garcia'sSocial StudiesStorypath Unit!

Through our Social Studies Storypath Unit: "Families in their Neighborhoods," students will discover what it means to be part of a community and what it takes for people to build a community in their neighborhood. Students will explore these concepts through active participation in Storypath, a method that is academically focused and very engaging for students. We will use visual art, role play, and reading and writing opportunities to delve into this topic. Students will have a chance to work individually, in partners and small groups to develop both their independent confidence and social skills. Students will learn to work collaboratively with each other, as a community, to solve issues within their neighborhood. My hope is that students will understand the importance of community and that they develop a sense of civic responsibility.

Here are the big ideas that your student will be learning:
1. Students will understand that physical features and layout of a neighborhood can help to foster the creation of a cohesive community.
2. Students will understand that people within a community cooperate to solve common problems or to meet common needs.
3. Students will understand that in order to build a community in a neighborhood, people must be friendly, respectful, and share in communal responsibilities.
4. Students will believe that it is important to create communities within a neighborhood.

Here are the skills that your student will be learning:
1. Students will be able to visually represent a realistic neighborhood in order to understand the physical layout and style of residential neighborhoods in the United States.
2. Students will be able to apply skills of civic participation to negotiate how to solve problems and meet needs that affect the whole neighborhood.
3. Students will be able to compare and contrast different types of families and family attributes to understand diversity that exists in residential neighborhoods in the United States.

Family Learning Activities:
Please complete these activities and guide sheets with your student during our Social Studies Unit.
Copies in other languages are available upon request.
Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!

Activity 1: Read at least two of the books from this book list with your child. Discuss the types of neighborhoods and the families in the stories. Your student should fill out this guide sheet about the books you read together.

Activity 2: With your student, do something nice for your neighbors to help create a community. Here are some ideas. Your student should fill out this guide sheet about your good deed.

Activity 3: Pick one of these options to complete:

Option 1: Neighborhood Walk

Take a walk around the neighborhood with your student. Before you leave, your student should fill out this guide sheet about what they expect to see on the walk. After your walk, your student should look over the guide sheet again. Together, make a checkmark next to the things you actually saw on your walk. Feel free to add other types of buildings, things in nature or other neighborhood features that you saw on your walk to the list.

Option 2: Online Activity - Mr. Roger's Build a Neighborhood
Click on the link above and create an online neighborhood. Your student should print out their creation and bring it to class.

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