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Do you ever have a question relating to how or why something is the way it is?If you do, this is the site for you!
How Stuff Works is a great web resource sponsored by the Discovery CompanyUnknown.jpeg. It hosts an array of videos, articles, blogs, games, and quizzes all geared toward learning about different STUFF. The search feature allows you to find any area you might be interested in: a country, different cultures, science theories, mathematical methods, animals, money, food, and health . Also, there is a great series called Stuff To Blow Your Kid's Mind that centers around science for kids. The videos on this site host a variety of wild, weird, and fascinating topics sure to grab the attention of youngsters.

As a teacher I think this is a great resource for the curious child. I could see myself using the podcasts or videos from this site to help create an anticipatory set for my direct instruction lesson, as transition tools, and/or as fun facts to close end of the day announcements.

Some things I looked up were:
- What are hot dogs made of?
- Discovery Atlas: Day of the Dead, Mexico
- Growing Up Giraffe: Learning to Stand
- Famous Landmark Picture Gallery